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  • Project of painting
    Project of painting
  • Classic Design
    Classic Design
  • Sport Design
    Sport Design
  • Pro Design
    Pro Design

The project of painting the helmet 60 pounds (side view) 2-3 versions of + 40 pounds (from all sides)

Classic Design price: 200-250 pounds (simple graphics 2-3 colors (solid, pearl, the name of the driver)

Sport Design Price 300-400 pounds (3-5 graphics difficult colors, pearl, fluorescent, shadows, cartoon, various finishes top coat gloss, matte)

Pro Design Price 450-600 pounds (advanced graphics with mixing different techniques airbrush, many colors, painted spoilers, vents, chrome surface application)

Painting spoilers and the top 30 pounds

Painting sponsor logo 15 pounds 1 color (any color next 5 pounds)

Cartoon, and different graphics + 60 - 100pounds

Top coat (clear coat):

  • Top Coat MAT + 50pounds
  • Top Coat MIX (gloss and matt) + 70 pounds
  • Chrome paint + 250pounds

Replacing the rubber + 20pounds (Important !!! Always Stilo helmet)

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